CHEM Trust: Chemical Cocktails: The neglected threat of toxic mixtures and how to fix it

A new CHEM Trust report “Chemical cocktails – The neglected threat of toxic mixtures and how to fix it”, highlights the reality of our exposure to multiple chemicals, the threat it represents to our health and the wider environment and why we are not properly protected.

Decades of research have demonstrated that combined exposure to several chemicals can result in toxic cocktail effects or mixture effects. Yet most chemical safety regulations ignore this fact and assess chemicals in isolation, one by one, and within regulatory silos. By doing so, current chemical safety assessment vastly underestimates the true, real-life risk on our health and the environment resulting from combined exposure to multiple chemicals from various sources (e.g. industrial chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals etc.).

In the report CHEM Trust calls for urgent action from the EU to better protect people and the wider environment from exposure to real-life chemical cocktails.

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