CHEM Trust: Factsheets on Harmful Chemicals in Food Contact Materials

Check out the new factsheets from CHEM Trust on harmful chemicals in food contact materials (FCMs). The factsheets focus on 5 countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) and feature information on studies that have found harmful chemicals in food packaging, biomonitoring studies, public perceptions and actions taken.

FPF: Food Packaging Materials and Recycling

The Food Packaging Forum has published five factsheets summarising the applications, material properties, chemical safety, and end-of-life options for the most common food packaging materials: plastic; paper and board; metal; glass; and multimaterial. The factsheets explain why and how material properties have an influence on the chemical safety as well as the recyclability. See the factsheets here.

FPF: Food Packaging and Human Health

Food packaging is highly essential for protecting and handling food from farm to fork. However, packaging is also a source of chemical contamination of food. For more information, see this factsheet from the Food Packaging Forum. The fact sheet is available in 18 different languages.

HEAL: The Problems with PFAS

PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) are a class of thousands of “forever chemicals” constituting a global threat to public and environmental health.1

BEUC: Factsheet on FCMs

FCM producers are not required to assess – let alone minimise – potential food contaminants released from their packaging materials or products. Overall, this situation is unacceptable, and calls for a rethink of the EU’s FCM legislation to better protect European consumers.